Stasis Dermatitis

Symptoms of Stasis Dermatitis

Dermatitis-Ltd III is a successful Statis Dermatitis treatment. Stasis Dermatitis symptoms are the itching, red and very dry areas of the skin. Other symptoms can include achiness in the legs or the legs feel really heavy and hard to move. The skin can also have brown spots as well.

The most common areas of the Stasis dermatitis include:

  1. Ankles
  2. Legs

In rare cases the skin can break open and start to ooze, this happen from the ulceration of the skin.

Causes of Stasis Dermatitis

Stasis Dermatitis is from Venous insufficiency condition, which the flow of blood through the veins is impaired, and the blood doesn't make it back to the heart.

Some people that have venous insufficiency develop stasis dermatitis. Blood pools in the veins of the lower leg. This fluid and blood can start to leak out of the veins into the skin.